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DenmarkChef or Nutrition Assistant for our a la carte, Copenhaghen, Denmark

Chef or Nutrition Assistant for our a la carte, Copenhaghen, Denmark

The nutrition unit at Herlev and Gentofte Hospital is looking for new colleagues for our upcoming meal concept, which in the future will offer delicious, personally presented food, ordered from an electronic menu.
Do you have culinary flair? Do you have a good overview and can you work at a high pace? So take your chances! Become our new colleague and join us on an exciting journey, rolling out our new concept in early 2022.

We are a kitchen, in Denmark’s largest acute hospital, in rapid development, that delivers tasty, organic and varied food to approx. 1000 patients daily to both Herlev and Gentofte Hospital. You will primarily be affiliated with the Herlev land register.
We cook from scratch and prioritize the good craftsmanship. Our kitchen consists of a hot and cold production, in addition to a dessert kitchen, a retail slaughterhouse, a bakery and a diet and dysphagia department. We are known for our ambition to cook high culinary and nutritional quality that meets patients’ individual nutritional needs.
Professionalism is never a compromise! The ambition is that our food helps to ensure our patients a good course of treatment, where the food helps them get up from the sick bed faster.

We are looking for dedicated employees with relevant experience who will help start our new meal concept.
We get seven “a la carte” stations, which will send about 800 beautifully decorated hills three times a day.
You must be part of our hot party, where you must take co-responsibility for our a la carte being a huge success. You must be well organized, efficient, fast paced, have a distinct sense of order and be able to see our production in one context. You are known as a skilled and committed employee with a high professional barre. You are passionate about serving fantastic food, and it is natural for you to pass on your talents to colleagues and students.


Have extensive experience from the restaurant industry and it is an advantage if you have been through similar start-up processes before.
Is a skilled chef or has other dietary training with similar experience in the restaurant industry.
Is “super taster” and professional strong to assess and reflect on the culinary quality.
Is curious! Curious about trends around our subjects and the development we, as a hospital kitchen, can add.
Is brave! Brave to come up with new ideas that can create value for our patients and our shared workplace. You can enter into a healthy partnership where you have the courage to speak out, ask for help and dare to fail so that we can learn and become more proficient.
Is willing to change! Change permeates our everyday lives, and we expect you to handle change with a positive mind. You get energy from the fact that nothing is as usual!
Can contribute to a positive working and learning environment where you motivate your colleagues as well as our students.
Is a meeting taxi and has a great sense of responsibility. You have a positive mind and understand that good tone and good cooperation are the key to success.
Want to play your colleagues better and help those who need help.
Invites you if you have a little extra time so that no one feels left behind.
Is flexible, has an overview and understands the needs of patients, which must always be met. We’re here for the patient, not the other way around!
Assists our culinary manager with continuous development, testing and important sparring in connection with future menus
Speaks, writes and understands Danish. Danish at the 9th grade level is a requirement for employment.

A unique opportunity for those who are ready to pause the hectic restaurant kitchens without saying goodbye to professionalism, development and the energizing work of production.
A changing workplace where you can help make your mark on the future.
Family-friendly working hours.
Participation in the development of production and new recipes.
A workplace with high well-being, good mood, responsibility and focus on good colleagueship.
A flat structure where management, employees and students are at eye level. We respect each other’s differences and find value in the cross-cultural colleagueship and the diversity of the kitchen.
A good, healthy and cheap lunch scheme.
Working hours are 37 hours per week between 09:30 and 18:30. Work every 3 weekends as well as holidays. You earn hours for everyday time off. The position is covered by the applicable agreement.
For further information, please contact Culinary Manager Jesper Vangdrup on +45 29 46 30 07 or Operations and Personnel Manager Nanna Friberg on +45 23 99 37 25 between 07:00 and 13:15 on weekdays.
At startup, you will need to be part of the training period that precedes us to start serving with our new concept from spring 2022 and in the intervening periods when you are not part of the training team, you will be part of the underlying production team.

Deadline for applications by: Sunday, 23 June 2006 January 2022.
Talks are held on an ongoing basis.
Employment by 1 February 2022 or by appointment.
Herlev Hospital is a smoke-free workplace


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