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DenmarkSharp economist with an interest in traffic and economics for the Danish...

Sharp economist with an interest in traffic and economics for the Danish Road Directorate

Are you interested in creating value for society, and do you have an interest in the interplay between traffic, mobility and the economy? If so, then this position might be for you.

“With us, your work will shape tomorrow’s policy in traffic and infrastructure. Among other things, you must help ensure that decisions on billion-dollar investments are made on an informed basis. ” initiates department manager Andreas Egense.

Transport policy includes major economic decisions. Being able to transport people and goods easily and safely forward is a benefit to society. But with increasing traffic also comes a number of problems. We are looking for a colleague who can strengthen the department’s financial competencies and perhaps in the long run become our economics lighthouse.

You will play an important role in the development and use of the methods and tools we use to assess the traffic, socio-economic and financial consequences. They are central when making decisions about investing in new traffic infrastructure or introducing other regulations that affect traffic.

  • You may be involved in analyzes that answer questions such as:
  • Is it a good idea to build a bridge over the Kattegat and can it be financed by the users?
  • What traffic, socio-economic and distributional consequences will there be if we introduce road pricing in Denmark?
  • How will the business community in Southern Jutland be affected if a bridge is built between Funen and Als?
  • Where should the charging infrastructure stand if we are to have the most green conversion possible for the money?

You will have access to a large selection of data sources, competent colleagues and a strong external network to help you answer the questions.

Sharp professional competencies – experienced or newly graduated
You are first and foremost sharp and have strong professional competencies based on a relevant financial education.

In addition, we expect you to:

  • Can extract the essence from data and communicate the conclusions in a way that can be understood by people outside your field.
  • Has an interest in traffic, including what drives the traffic and what impact the traffic has on the economy.
  • Is motivated to work with colleagues and others who have a different professional background than yourself – including external parties such as researchers, consultants and other authorities.

Relevant work experience, including possibly with project management, is a plus, but not a requirement. Graduates are also encouraged to apply for the position.

Welcome to Transport Analysis
“We are interested in complex issues and professionally based solutions, but we are not least concerned with making a difference – we also hope that you are,” Andreas concludes.

We offer a good and challenging workplace, where the work takes place in a professional and unpretentious environment. You will be part of the Transport Analysis department, where you will have 20 committed and skilled colleagues who range widely in relation to age and professional background. We are i.a. engineers, economists, geographers and planners.

Salary and terms of employment
You are employed and remunerated in accordance with the AC agreement, with the possibility of negotiating supplements. Depending on qualifications and experience, it is possible to hire a specialist consultant.

Your area of ​​employment will be the Ministry of Transport with the institutions belonging to it at any given time. The place of employment is the Danish Road Directorate in the Department of Transport Analysis, Carsten Niebuhrs Gade 43, 1577 Copenhagen V.

Read more
If you want to know more about the Danish Road Directorate and what it means to work with us, you can read more about our tasks and employees at www.vejdirektoratet.dk .

If you want to know more about the position, you are welcome to contact department manager Andreas Egense on telephone 25 75 45 70.

Are you interested?
Submit your applicationno later than 12 January 2022 . We expect to hold interviews in week 3.

Apply for the position by pressing the “Send application” button or via our website www.vejdirektoratet.dk . Attach application, CV, diplomas and other relevant documents.

The Danish Road Directorate wants to reflect the surrounding community in the staff composition and therefore encourages everyone, regardless of personal background, to apply for the position.

In the Danish Road Directorate, we create coherence for the many road users who use the Danish state roads every day. We do this by developing, planning and constructing the infrastructure so that you can show up for work on time, get fresh goods every day and travel across the country when you need it.

We develop Denmark’s infrastructure and connect the country. It requires solutions that balance mobility, the environment and road safety. Our many disciplines contribute to a sustainable society and a balanced climate. The ambition and quality are in place, regardless of whether we work with mobility, curved bridges, biodiversity, climate-friendly asphalt or on some of Denmark’s largest construction projects.

In the Danish Road Directorate, you are probably on your way. So where do you want to go?

Write in your application that you found the job on ofir.dk


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