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DenmarkFrederiksbjerg Dagtilbud is looking for a department manager for the International Day...

Frederiksbjerg Dagtilbud is looking for a department manager for the International Day Nursery – Aarhus

Aarhus Municipality is opening an international day nursery. We are looking for a department manager who wants to be part of realising this unique chance to create high quality in a pedagogical learning environment where English is the common language for children, parents and staff.

About the job
Frederiksbjerg Dagtilbud is looking for an early year educator interested in becoming the department manager of our new international day nursery, which is opening on 1 March 2022. The department manager position is full-time (35 hours/week) and with a preferred start date of 15 January, but we are willing to wait for the right candidate.
As department manager, you will be the first employee to be hired for the new day nursery, and you will therefore have the opportunity to set up the pedagogical learning environment and leave your own professional mark on the daily environment into which we will welcome new children and their parents. The international day nursery is the first of its kind in Aarhus. We are offering an English-language environment with the pedagogical curriculum and Danish Day Care Act as the framework for the general operation of the day nursery. Oral and written communication will be in English, and the same applies to practice, which is why candidates must be able to communicate effortlessly in English.

The pedagogical manager of Vuggestuen Marselis Boulevard holds managerial responsibility for the international day nursery, but as head of department, you share responsibility on a number of areas. You will be assigned special tasks in terms of cooperation with parents, communicating with parents and planning the pedagogical practices and general operation of the day nursery. 

Your profile
We are looking for an early years educator with a development-oriented approach to working with children as well as collaboration with parents and colleagues. We are looking for an early years educator who enjoys having a diverse range of duties, including managerial duties. 
Your job will be to create inclusive learning environments and frameworks, ensuring all the children progression and an everyday life full of content, development, security and care.

You have to make use of your own skills and reflect on your own practice as well as that of your colleagues, with a focus on common learning – “what do I need to learn so that the child can learn” (SLF).

You must be open and willing to collaborate with parents who are unfamiliar with Danish culture and the Danish day care system.

Personal qualifications

  • Is professionally grounded and able to plan, implement and evaluate pedagogical work.
  • Proficient in oral and written communication in English, including in relation to pedagogical practices
  • Possesses broad knowledge of the Danish day care tradition.
  • Wants to take a knowledge-based and data-informed approach to work.
  • Essential to be familiar with and able to use Outlook, Aula, SharePoint and other digital solutions that serve as our work tools and communication platforms. 
  • Communicates with authenticity, visibility and confidence.
  • Able to provide guidance and support to nursery assistants, students, temp workers, etc.
  • Able to be flexible with regards to the operation of the day nursery.

Why choose us?
The international day nursery offers a unique chance to be involved in the start-up and development of an English-language day nursery. You will get the opportunity for a varied working day with duties of a managerial nature in close collaboration with the pedagogical manager. The international day nursery will be a part of a professional environment where the efforts to translate the pedagogical curriculum into practice are based on the pedagogical assessment framework Tegn på læring (Signs of learning).Frederiksbjerg Dagtilbud’s objective is to be a learning community with present and committed adults and where we attach a lot of importance to development and reciprocal feedback between colleagues. We therefore prioritise setting aside time to work on Aarhus Municipality’s Stronger Learning Communities programme.

Salary and terms of employment
Salary according to agreement for middle managers, cf. collective agreement and individual agreement with BUPL.

For more information
You are welcome to contact pedagogical leader Ulla Maarslet Kristensen, [email protected], 4185 7513 or Inger Barslund (Head of Day Care), [email protected], 2920 4518.

Application deadline 3 December – Interviews will be held on 8 December from 9.00.

About us
The international day nursery will be located at Marselis Boulevard 50. The nursery will be part of Frederiksbjerg Dagtilbud, which consists of a total of 9 departments. The 24 children in the nursery will be divided into 2 groups, who will make up a team on a day-to-day basis. The international day nursery and Vuggestuen Marselis Boulevard will work together daily for example, in terms of extra hours, staff collaborations and early years educational practice. Cooperation between the two departments will be high priority.

Om Aarhus Kommune
Aarhus Municipality is Jutland’s largest workplace. 28,000 professional and passionate colleagues work every day to make us a good city for everyone. As an employee of Aarhus Municipality, you make visions a reality and create development, community and well-being. Here there is respect for professionalism, room for diversity and the opportunity for unfoldment. We have ambitions for the city – and for you. Come and join!

Manager and employee roles
In the attached link you will find the common Manager and employee roles in Aarhus Municipality:

The common managerial and employee roles provide a look at the expectations that are set for you when you, as a manager or employee in Aarhus Municipality, have to solve the common core task. By making visible the expectations that are set – whether you are a manager or an employee – we hope that together we can maintain a good working environment, an attractive workplace and a culture of credibility, respect and commitment.


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