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FranceAbout Logistics Jobs

About Logistics Jobs

Logistics jobs, in a nutshell

Many trades are part of the transport and logistics sector, also called the supply chain. Logistics director, operator, order picker, engineer, delivery driver, forklift truck driver, inventory manager… In short, a variety of careers open to logistics jobs.

Logistics employment refers to these trades in connection with the organization of deliveries for professionals and individuals of various and varied products, depending on the sector of activity. From the reception of the products to the follow-up of delivery, the logistician will make every effort to optimize travel times, in particular.

The supply chain is one of the sectors which recruit the most in France: why not turn to a job in logistics? Discover all our job offers in this sector as:

Studies and Skills to Find a Logistics Job

In order to find an office logistics job, you will have to take certain specific training courses depending on the job you are looking for.

In 2 years directly after college or in 1 year if you already hold a professional logistics BAC , you can take a logistics operator CAP . This training teaches you the basics of managing the flow of goods and stocks.

If you want to quickly gain managerial status, opt for the BTS GTLA (transport management and associated logistics) in 2 years after your BAC or equivalent. Other BTS and professional licenses (BAC + 3) in international business or management are also highly appreciated. Nothing prevents you from continuing in BAC + 5 (master’s level) at the university or in a business school, for example.

How to write your CV and cover letter

To achieve a good CV in logistics, start by organizing your training on the one hand and your professional experiences on the other, as clearly as possible. By offering a clear and uncluttered curriculum vitae, you will demonstrate your synthetic and pragmatic spirit. To go further, you can also take inspiration from our logistics manager CV template !

For your cover letter , mention these skills as well. Do not hesitate to find out more about the company for which you are applying in order to plan yourself there: what do you like about it? Are you aligned with its values?

The interview for a logistics job

No secret: to avoid making a mistake during an interview , you have to be well prepared beforehand. Start by outlining your journey and making it coherent. Informing yourself about the company for which you are applying is also an obligation. In addition to showing all your interest, you will be able to project yourself there more easily and show it to the recruiter!

Finally, do not hesitate to send a message after the interview to the recruiter. Use the email, which is not intrusive and professional, to renew your interest and thank the person you meet for their time.

What Remuneration For a Logistics Job?

Many logistics jobs are to be filled in the supply chain sector, from reception to teams of engineers. Depending on the position sought and your level of education, salaries vary.

logistics technician earns approximately 1,850 euros gross per month at the start of his career; the logistics manager receives a median salary of 3,420 euros net in France. Great prospects for development, then!

If you opt for the profession of operator , the median monthly remuneration is around 1,842 euros net.

Companies that recruit in the supply chain

Mass distribution, agrifood, textile or pharmaceutical industry, construction… All sectors offer logistics jobs! If you know which one appeals to you, consult our company identity sheets to find out which ones are recruiting, for which positions and what their strengths, values ​​and contacts are.



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